The company has excellent production lines shades based on the experiences of highly qualified engineers and professors of prestigious universities to design, manufacture and installation of powder coating line for household appliances industry, profiles, metal, auto parts, etc. are formed.

The company has strong expertise in the field of construction utilizes powder coating line equipment including electrostatic powder paint machines and systems Recycling and menu color Cyclones and furnaces static color step in the industrialization of the country.az this great company shades with updates and manufacturing services for industrial powder coating and liquid paint lines on the problems of many different companies and are prepared to serve in this field 

Of the company:

The company is composed of various units below:

1-unit design and construction of powder paint (all kinds of spray booths Electrostatic powder coating, electrostatic powder coating furnaces) 

2. Business Unit (sold airbrush of iris, insa, electrostatic powder recycling system Cyclones) 

3-unit after sales service (spare parts and equipment devices electrostatic powder paint in powder coating line) 

4-unit repair (repair and updating and servicing of device)